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ONE (French/Dutch measures) Sliding pocket door with wooden doorposts, plasterboard | PROMANI

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ONE is the pocket system for sliding doors that unifies tradition and innovation. The frame is completely made of zinc-coated steel and has to be completed with jambs and architraves.Thanks to its characteristics, the sliding door frame ONE fits into any door measure and represents a practical solution. It guarantees a comfortable daily use of sliding doors, creating a modern and clean style in internal spaces.

  • Easy extractable track
  • Standard double-sided damping system included
  • The backside position of the damping system can be adjusted at any moment.


  • The upper profile can be used as a track for the drywall structure
  • The upper track has a specific metallic element that allows the sliding of C profiles of the drywall structure without any problems.
  • The upper profile has different marks in order to change the width of the door depending on the measure you need.


  • The vertical elements have different marks in order to change the height of the door depending on the measure you need.
  • The crossbeam are adjustable to the width of the door panel you need.
  • The hooking of the crossbeams is facilitated
  • The 100 cm height from the floor is marked
  • The alignment of the frame takes place through a spacer profile.
  • The door-guide allows you to centre the door panel
  • The anterior profile is a perfect fit for the vertical studs of the plasterboard structure, allowing a perfect alignment to the wall.

The innovative flexible system to give shape to your imagination!