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Flexible Tracks Cobra | I PROFILI

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The price indicated refers to the purchase of a pack of 4 profiles (12 linear meters).

COBRA, the flexible track for curving plasterboard.

COBRA Flexible Tracks are deformable profiles essential for the construction of curved walls and false ceilings in plasterboard.

The result of careful design, COBRA Profiles can be used to create curves of different radius according to the different shapes, and are certified according to European standards 14195 and 13964, both for walls and ceilings. Furthermore, they can be used as perimeter profiles and starting point of the CONCAV & CONVEX Flexible Studs, to obtain various types of vaults and arched ceilings.

COBRA Profiles are made of Z140 galvanized steel, with a thickness of 0.6 mm according to EN 10346 and EN 10143 standards, fire reaction class A1 and are available in five different sizes:

COBRA 30mm (30 x 28 x 3000 mm)

COBRA 50mm (40 x 50 x 3000 mm)

COBRA 70mm (40 x 70 x 3000 mm)

COBRA 75mm (40 x 75 x 3000 mm)

COBRA 100mm (40 x 100 x 3000 mm)

The innovative flexible system to give shape to your imagination!